Invited Speaker

Anton Pljonkin
Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Southern Federal University

Anton Pljonkin is associate professor of Education in Department of Information Security of Telecommunication Systems, Institute of Computer Technologies and Information Security, Southern Federal University. He is also  the Head of research laboratory "Quantum cryptography"; Head of ICTIS Project office; Director of SFU Indian-Russian Scientific Center and SFedU Rectors Authorized Representative on the cooperation with partners in Republic of India.

Speech Title: Building Students' Digital Footprints with Blockchain in PBL Activities

Abstract: The main trends and changes of project-based learning are considered. The method of organization of project-based learning is demonstrated on the practical example. The analysis of the learning process at universities is carried out on the example of several methods. The issues of integration of new project-based and practice-oriented methods of education into conventional education are considered. The scheme of the educational process with the use of effective methods of project-based learning of students in high school and university is shown. Examples of design solutions for undergraduate programs are given. The analysis of the effectiveness of the proposed project-based learning methodology is given in terms of students acquiring new competencies and real experience working in a team. The model of the student's competence profile from the point of view of project-based learning is described. The concept of designing a student's digital footprint based on blockchain is proposed. The technique allows you to organize a system for issuing digital certificates that form a single array of personal data